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“Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi” a New Kiraku Private Villa to Open in Central Kyoto in Winter 2018

Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi Opens Winter 2018


“We are pleased to announce “”Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi”” a new Kiraku Private Villa will be opening in central Kyoto in the Fall of 2018.

Tucked away in the backyard of Sanjusange-do temple and the Kyoto National Museum, Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi will be a “”Kyomachiya”” ( traditional Kyoto-style townhouse) renovated into a tea-themed, luxurious private villa with an indoor and outdoor garden, featuring an open-air bath.

Entering Honmachi, and to the right will be a traditional tatami room, but venturing further in, you will encounter a peculiar blend of old and new, with a large bed set within a indoor Japanese rock garden. Behind the indoor garden is a private, outdoor garden with an open-air bath.

Up the stairs, you will find a lounge area featuring a transparent floor, where you may have the unique experience of enjoying an indoor rock garden from above, while indulging in a cup of green tea from Wazuka, a small town that has been producing tea for over 800 years.

Unwind in a unique, yet relaxing stay after a day of exploring the wondrous streets of Kyoto.

※Above are images of “”Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi””and are for illustrative purposes only.”

※Currently booking is possible for dates after February 1st, 2018.


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