Bodywork Relaxation

A blend of stretches and massages to sooth and rejuvenate your body. This treatment does not use oils and is recommended for those allergic to oils.

From JPY 11,000

Bodywork Relaxation


*Please note that last call is at 8:00PM
A treatment involving stretches and massages to ease headaches, stiff shoulders, and lower back pain. The sole of your foot is full of "Tsubo" or pressure points, which are connected to various parts of your body. Stimulating these pressure points improves the circulation of blood and relieves fatigue. This treatment can ease headaches, stiff shoulders, low back pains, as well as the swelling and fatigue of muscles from a full day of exploring Kyoto.
Effect:Headache, Stiff shoulder, Lower back pain
60 Minutes11,000 Yen 80 Minutes13,000 Yen

Price From JPY 10,000 per person
Time: 3:00PM-9:00PM

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From JPY 1,500

Kura Buro

Relax in a private bath inside a renovated traditional Japanese storehouse, while enjoying a 40-minute program of illumination art.

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Oil-based Lymphatic Treatment

Oil based lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment will help your lymphatic fluids and blood flow thoroughly, alleviating cramps, swelling and pains, such as a stiff neck.

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How about strolling through Kyoto in a Kimono? Free hair arrangement available (for women only)