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Ochiai Hamlet Historic District Tour

Ochiai hamlet is not only rich in scenic landscapes, but also boasts beautiful, historic architecture. Take a tour of Ochiai hamlets historic buildings.

The Ochiai hamlet is located on a cliff stretching across an altitude difference of 390 meters, and even to this day, traditional Japanese homes built between the mid to late Edo period are scattered across the cliff. These homes unique distinct structures and layouts, and are set among undulating mountain paths, farmlands, and stone walls, resulting in a unique streetscape.

In 2005, the historical and cultural value of such architecture was recognized and the entire Ochiai hamlet was designated as an Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings (IPDHB).

In this experience, participants will have the opportunity explore the Ochiai hamlet with local members of the IPDHB/

Required time: About 1 hour

Guide fee: 4,000 JPY per group. (including tax)

※Please wear shoes suitable for walking given the rough terrain.

※In the event of rain, the tour may be cancelled.

※Please pay in cash (Japanese Yen) along with your room charge upon check-in. In the event the tour is cancelled due to poor weather, the entire Guide fee will be refunded.

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