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Iya Soba Noodle Making Experience

Instead of rice, the people of Iya turned to making Soba (buckwheat) due to Iya's terrain. Experience traditional Iya-style Soba noodle making at a locals home.

While the rugged terrain of Iya was not suitable for rice fields, it was instead suited to grow grow "Soba" (buckwheat). Due to its high-quality and rich aroma, Soba became one of Iya's leading agricultural products.

Because Iya's soba is rarely prepared with extra flour, as is frequently done in other regions, each noodle tends to be short and think. Even to this day, many families in Iya, grow buckwheat tin their own fields, and prepare Soba noodles at home.

In this Experience, participants will be invited to the home of a local, and have the opportunity to prepare Soba using tools that have been historically been used in Iya.

Participants will obviously also have the opportunity to eat the Soba they prepare, as well as bring left-overs home with them.

Required time: 1 and half hours

Experience fee: 15,000 JPY per group (including tax)

※Please pay in cash (Japanese Yen) along with your room charge upon check-in.

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Considered one of the Three Hidden Regions of Japan, Iya valley is a secluded gorge with hamlets dotting the surrounding mountainsides.

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