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Bringing together efforts to preserve and revitalize Japan's undiscovered cultural wealth.


When traveling Japan, we are always pleasantly surprised to discover beautiful, unexplored destinations replete with cultural and natural treasures.

However, through such travels, we have also witnessed the slow decay of historical architecture and cultural gems throughout Japan, and particularly these unexplored locales, frequently due to depopulation and an aging community.

In an endeavor to create a sustainable mechanism to address this ever-present deterioration of cultural heritage, we have opened, as well as look to open, ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) style “Nazuna” lodges, as well as private villa style, “Kiraku” homes in various parts of Japan.

By working with our various partners to transform historic buildings, as well as old ryokans into unique, luxury lodgings we hope to serve as a venue for travelers to discover and appreciate Japan’s diverse locales, while not only preserving time-old businesses and architecture, but also serving as a catalyst to reinvigorate such locales in their entirety.

By matching the world’s flourishing demand for extraordinary experiences with Japan’s ample supply of undiscovered cultural wealth, we strive to help ensure that the beauties of Japan are intact for future generations so that they may enjoy them just as we do.

The Experience

Explore an unexplored locale by staying at a traditional Japanese home turned luxury lodging facility.

  • An assortment of delightful dwellings

    From Bukeyashiki (Samurai house) style mansion in the castle town of Obi, to classical townhouses set among the historic alleys of Kyoto, every Nazuna Ryokan and Home is different, making every stay unique.

  • Traditional craftsmanship staged on modern comfort

    Every Home has been carefully renovated to preserve its time-weathered beauty wherever possible, while providing familiar comforts, such as Wi-Fi, modern bathrooms, and crisp white sheets.

  • Alternative styles of stays

    "Nazuna" lodgings are "Ryokans," or traditional Japanese Inns, offered as luxurious stays with under 10 rooms. Stay at a "Nazuna" lodge to experience, heartfelt Japanese hospitality, with encounters we hope will count among the many memories of your journey. "Kiraku" lodgings, are offered as private villas, where guests have an entire Home all to themselves. Your stay will always be exclusive - providing you the freedom to relax in, and explore from, your very own Home away from Home.

  • A fresh welcome

    Each lodging has been carefully renovated, and thoughtfully cleaned and prepared to ensure a pleasant stay so you can focus on creating special memories.