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Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi TV appearance

Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi was featured on “AHNdante”


Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi was featured on “AHNdante”, a TV program hosted by Ahn Mika, a model and a popular cast on multiple talk shows.

“AHNdante” is a TV series on J:COM broadcast, where Ahn Mika visits up and coming sites of all over Japan. The series have high female viewers.

On the new year episode of 2019, which was aired on January 1st, she strolled around Shichijo area, a trending temple town in Kyoto. Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi was introduced as a “tea” themed inn, together with “Kissako Wazuka”, a cafe and also our check-in reception.

During the visit she enjoyed 100 years old house furnished with tea-themed artworks, and was amazed at rock garden in bed room and outside private bath.

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