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Japanese Bathhouse-themed Villa “Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho” Now Open

Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho Opened November 2019


We are pleased to announce that Nazuna Co., Ltd. has opened a private villa-style inn, “Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho,” renovated from a Kyomachiya built over 50 years ago, near Gojo Station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway.

Based on the concept of “Japanese bathhouse culture,” this hotel was created as a joint project by Nazuna, who operates inns renovated from historical buildings such as Kyomachiya and Bukeyashiki, and Nomura Kogei Co., Ltd., the largest space producer in Japan.
Upon entering the inn, you will find yourself in a bathhouse, replete with an indoor and outdoor bath.
Enjoy both the indoor and outdoor baths that harmonize traditional architecture and modern interior design at any time you like.

The spaces of ‘Ai’ and ‘Shu’ are inspired by the shop curtains of a typical bathhouse, where Noren (shop curtains) in indigo (Male) and vermilion (Female) are hung to indicate the entrance for men and women.
Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho consists of 2 buildings adjacent to each other: inspired by the colors of the Noren, we have named the buildings ‘Ai (indigo)’ and ‘Shu (vermilion).’
The unique interiors that incorporate these vibrant traditional Japanese colors add to the atmosphere of the traditional architecture.
Here you can find indigo and vermilion décor scattered throughout each building, using decorations made from recycled materials from the renovation process and artwork made from tiles that were once actually used in a public bathhouse.

■Staying at a bathhouse in Kyoto!?
In the Edo period, bathhouses were increasingly used as places for entertainment and social interaction, with a resting room on the second floor.
After bathing, people often enjoyed playing shogi together with some Japanese tea and sweets.
Our inn reproduces this old culture, with the bathing area on the first floor and living room with a spacious sofa on the second floor, replete with a kitchen convenient for long-term stays.
We have prepared plenty of bath salts from famous hot springs all over Japan, along with the famous Japanese jeweler Mikimoto’s pearl-colored “Mikimoto Cosmetics” for bath amenities.
We have complimentary beverages in the refrigerator, so please relax with cold beer and soft drinks after bathing.
There is also a refrigerator in the bathing area, so we recommend you to cool off after your bath with a drink in the garden.

On behalf of all staff, we hope that your unique experience at “Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho” will make your stay in Kyoto extra special.

■ Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho
[Access] Subway Karasuma Line, “Gojo Station” (2-minute walk from Exit 8)
[Address] 258, Zeniyacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8303
[No. of Floors] 2 stories above ground
[Beds] ‘Ai’ (Indigo): 1 King bed x 3 Futon sets ‘Shu’ (Vermillion): 2 Single beds x 3 Futon sets
[In-Buillding Facilities] Bedroom/Japanese-style room/Living room/Indoor bath/Outdoor garden with open-air bath/Complimentary Wi-Fi.
Online reservation link:
Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho Ai (indigo)
Kiraku Kyoto Zeniyacho Shu (Vermillion)

■ Nazuna Co., Ltd.
Nazuna Co., Ltd operates unique yet traditional Ryokans and Private Villas, renovated from traditional Japanese buildings such as Kyomachiya (Kyoto-style townhouse) and Bukeyashiki (Samurai residences).
The Ryokans are operated under the “Nazuna” brand and the Private Villas are operated under the “Kiraku” brand.
Two of Nazuna’s Ryokans, “Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-jo” and “Nazuna Kyoto Gosho,” were awarded three Pavillions in the Michelin Guide Kyoto and Osaka 2020, while the Private Villa of Kiraku Kyoto Anekoji was ranked 8th in the Nikkei Newspaper’s 2018 ranking of “Top 10 Kominka (traditional Japanese building) Hotels in Japan.”

■ Nomura Kogei Co., Ltd.
Established in 1892, Nomura Kogei Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive producer of commercial facilities, hotels, workplaces, expositions, museums and other architectural spaces, currently operating in 10 offices nationwide.
In recent years, amidst a growing diversification of commercial spaces, event spaces, and cultural facilities, Nomura Kogei Co., Ltd. has been increasingly engaged in new projects, fields, and markets aimed at solving local issues and promoting the charms of regions throughout Japan.
URL: https://www.nomurakougei.co.jp/

■ Contact Information
[Inquiries regarding accommodation and reservations]
Nazuna Kyoto Nijo-jo Front Desk
580, Kusuriyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604 -0066, Japan
TEL: 075-253-6877 / FAX: 075-253-6866
Email: [email protected]

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