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Wagyu Ryotei Bungo

<Wagyu course>

With the desire to “let our customers enjoy Oita Wagyu and various wagyu beef from all over Japan in the best condition”, we grill the meat carefully in front of our customers. Please enjoy our Yakiniku Kaiseki cuisine, which uses a variety of cooking methods to bring out the original flavor of the meat.

■Course Menu■
marbled meat
red meat
tail soup
salt-broiled Wagyu beef tongue
truffle Yukhoe
meat shabu
today’s grilled dish (sukiyaki)
today’s grilled dish (miso sauce)
meat chazuke
milk pudding

17:30 / 20:00

・Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.
・Reservations required in advance (Until 18 o’clock of the previous day)
・There is a possibility that the dinner contents will be changed.
・One drink is required.
 You need to pay for the drinks at the restaurant.

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