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Obi Dining Out

Obi and the larger Nichinan City area offer a variety of fantastic local cuisine, among which chicken dishes may be most well known, but other cuisine, such as fish and meat dishes are also delightful.

Sono (園)

A quaint café located within Obi that offers a variety of lunch meals. A local favorite is the “Chicken nan-ban,” a local style fried-chicken served with rice.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Nanban Style Fried Chicken Meal “Chicken Nanban Teishoku (チキン南蛮定食)”
  • ・ Fried Prawn Meal “Ebi Furai Teishoku (エビフライ定食)”
  • ・ Fried Prawn Over Rice Pilaf “Ebi Furai Pilaf (エビフライピラフ)”
  • ・ Ginger Pork Meal “Shoga-yaki Teishoku (生姜焼き定食)”

Recommended for: Lunch or dinner
Hours: 10:00AM ~11:00PM(Irregular restaurant holidays)
Phone: 0987-25-2527
Address: 2-6-3 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki

Jitokko Aya (地頭鶏 綾)

An izakaya located within Obi specializing in chicken dishes. Popular dishes include chicken grilled with charcoal in a local style, as well as chicken sashimi.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Chicken sashimi “Tori No Sashimi (鳥の刺身)”
  • ・ Charcoal grilled chicken thighs “Momo No Sumibiya (ももの炭火焼)”
  • ・ Charcoal grilled local chicken “Jitoko No Sumbiya (地頭鶏の炭火焼)”
  • ・ Chicken skin dumplings “Niwatori-gawa Gyoza (鶏皮ギョウザ)”
  • ・ Assorted skewers “Kushiyaki Moriawase (串焼き盛り合わせ)”

Recommended for: Dinner
Hours: 6:00PM~11:00PM(Irregular restaurant holidays)
Phone: 0987-25-5266
Address: 2-4-23 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki

A lunch spot in a renovated Merchant house located in Obi and dating back to the Meiji Era, Gallery Kodama signature dish is its roasted Bonito lunch. Nichinan City has historically been famous for its “Ippon-zuri” (single-hook fishing) of Bonito.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Seared Skipjack Tuna Meal Set “Katsuo No Aburi Ju Teishoku (カツオの炙り重定食)”
  • ・ Fish Udon Set Meal Set “Sakana Udon Teishoku (魚うどん定食)”
  • ・ Healthy Wagyu Beef bowl “Herushi wagyu zen (ヘルシー和牛膳)”

Recommended for: Lunch
Hours: 11:30AM~5:00PM (Closed Tuesdays)
Phone: 0987-25-0602
Address: 8-1-1 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki

Hattori-tei (服部亭)

Built within the expansive mansion of the Hattori-family, one of Obi’s three most prominent families, Hattori-tei offers sweets as well as set lunch menus that are full of local delicacies. As visitors dine they can enjoy Hattori-tei’s traditional Japanese garden spanning over 330㎡ and overlooking Obi.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Japanese Sweets set “Matcha to wagashi set” (抹茶と和菓子のセット)
  • ・ Hattori-set meals “Hattori-zen”(服部膳)

Recommended for: Lunch
Hours: 11:00AM ~2:00PM(Irregular restaurant holidays)
Phone: 0987-25-3822
Address: 4-3-19 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki
*Dinner: Reservation in advance is required. Available from 6 people or more.

TAKE EAT EASY GINNOO(テイク・イート・イージー・ジンノー )

A Dining bar that provides eclectic dishes ranging from local cuisine to Spanish tapas.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・GINNO Salad (GINNOサラダ)
  • ・Ajillo (アヒージョ)
  • ・Black Fried Noodles “Kuroyaki SOBA” (黒焼きSOBA)

Recommended for: Dinner
Hours: 6:00PM ~11:00PM(Closed Tuesdays)
Phone: 0987-25-0602
Address: 2-5-7 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki

Spice Café Hitotsubu (スパイスカフェ ヒトツブ)

A Café restaurant offering a dishes rich in a variety of spices

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Hitotsubu Special Spicy Chicken Cutlet Curry “Hitotsubu Tokusei Spicy Chicken-katsu kare” (ヒトツブ特製スパイシーチキンカツカレー)
  • ・ Chicken Plate (チキンプレート)
  • ・ Spice Soysauce Poki Rice Bowl “Spicy Shoyu no Poki-don” (スパイス醤油のポキ丼)

Recommended for: Lunch, Dinner
Hours: 11:30AM〜3:00PM, 6:00PM〜10:00PM(Dinnertime open only on Fridays and Saturdays)
Phone: 0987-67-5399
Address: 6-7-1 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki

Midoriya (みどりや)

Just off the Aburatsu Shopping Arcade, Midoriya offers a variety of dishes, whether it be fresh sashimi or Braised pork. Guests traveling by car usually drive to the restaurant and ask the restaurant for “daikou” (代行)for the return journey. “Daikou” (代行) is a designated driver service – a driver picks you up and drives you to your destination on your own car.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ Sashimi (お刺身)
  • ・ Tofu “Take Dofu”(竹豆腐)
  • ・ Grilled Miyazaki Beef “Miyazaki-gyu Amiyaki” (宮崎牛網焼き)

Recommended for: Lunch, Dinner
Hours: 11:30PM〜1:30PM, 6:00PM〜11:00PM (Closed on Sundays)
Phone: 0987-23-6201
Address: 6-2 Zaimokucho, Nichinan, Miyazaki

Sumibiyaki Sanku (炭火焼 山空)

Specializing in charcoal grilling of local chicken and produce, Sanku is hidden in the mountains of Nichinan and is a drive away from Obi. Guests traveling by car usually drive to the restaurant and ask the restaurant for “daikou” (代行)for the return journey. “Daikou” (代行) is a designated driver service – a driver picks you up and drives you to your destination on your own car.

Recommended dishes:

  • ・ 3000yen set course (drinks included)

Recommended for: Dinner
Hours: only dinner time, based on reservation
Phone: 0987-23-7345
Address: 2693 Kazeda, Nichinan, Miyazaki
※ Please note that reservations should be made at least 1 day in advance.

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Once the center of a 51,000 “koku” fiefdom ruled by the Ito clan for close to three centuries, Obi is a quaint castle town with streets lined with samurai villas and merchant houses.