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Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort

8-1-62 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2535
Tel: +81-987-27-3171 | Fax: +81-987-27-3172
Email: [email protected]

Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort is a 5-room luxury ryokan renovated from an old samurai residence built over 140 years ago, consisting of a 350 sqm house and 45 sqm barn.
All 5 guest rooms are equipped with a private open-air bath, with natural onsen water drawn from Kitago Hot spring in Nichinan city.
Each of the rooms have been named and decorated according to elements of Obi:
HONMURASAKI (traditional purple dyed with plants)- the symbolic color of Obi
SUGI (cedar)- Obi sugi tree that has long sustained the local industry
CHABOKU (tea tree)- inspired by tea tree hedges of local houses throughout Obi
DAIDAI (orange)- the large citrus fruit local to Nichinan city
KOKE (moss)- essential to beautiful townscape of Obi
Throughout their stay, guests may enjoy the unique essence of Obi, the historic castle town of Nichinan City.

※We are afraid we can receive domestic phone calls only for the time being. Please contact us by email for any inquires from overseas.

We have a outdoor private sauna for guests only.
Castle Town View Sauna is located on a hill.
You can experience the best in the outdoor deck where you can see the castle town of Obi lined with samurai residences.
*The sauna is 3,300 yen tax included for 1 person, and you can use it for 2 hours for 1 frame.

  • 詳細



    Check in 3:00PM - 9:00PM
    Check out by 11:00AM
  • ROOM



    Accommodates up to 2 guests


    Accommodates up to 2 guests


    Accommodates up to 5 guests


    Accommodates up to 3 guests


    Accommodates up to 3 guests
  • Dining


    IN OBI

    Enjoy the Chazuke Breakfast with with local ingredients

    The dashi chazuke with seasonal flavors

    It is a breakfast of ochazuke that you can enjoy in your room.
    Starting with rice, we are particular about locally produced and consumed ingredients, and cook fresh vegetables and fish wholeheartedly.
    We prepare dashi soup and green tea with your meal, so please enjoy ochazuke with plenty of ingredients on rice.

    Breakfast served may differ from what is shown in the above images, according to the seasons.

    If you would like to add it, please be sure to notify the front desk by 10:00 a.m. the day before your stay.
    Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or inedible foods.



    <Phantom Chicken (Jidokko) Full Course>

    You can enjoy yakitori and sashimi of Jitokko, a premium free-range chicken from southern Miyazaki.
    We offer a complete chicken course that includes grilled chicken that is made with a lavish amount of Jitokko chicken and slowly grilled over high grade binchotan charcoal from Miyazaki, and fresh Jitokko chicken sashimi that ends in the morning, which is rare among the 10 or so Jitokko restaurants in Japan.
    Enjoy the taste of Jitokko chicken to your heart’s content.

    ※It served may differ from what is shown in the above images, according to the seasons.


    *There is a two-part schedule during the above hours.

    ・Reservation required 3 days in advance.
    ・The dining place is “Irodori”, which is a 5-minute walk from inn,attached to the grounds of Nazuna Obi onsen resort.
    ・Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.


    Afternoon tea

    <Enjoy Japanese afternoon tea>

    Enjoy a relaxing time and the fruits of Miyazaki at the Kokakura residence, a samurai residence, and Japanese afternoon tea.
    Tea from the teahouse wad selection and special sweets including monaka are paired with pottery makers’ bowls from all over the country.
    Enjoy the local Obi confectionery and specialty collaboration.

    *All images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Dishes may vary depending on the season.

  • Activity


    General Activity

    You can experience the castle town view sauna and dressing experience during your stay.

  • About the Neighborhood




    Once the center of a 51,000 “koku” fiefdom ruled by the Ito clan for close to three centuries, Obi is a quaint castle town with streets lined with samurai villas and merchant houses.

  • Map & Direction


    Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort

    8-1-62 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2535


    15 min walk from JR Obi station

    1 hour from Miyazaki airport by car

    1. About 40 minutes by highway (From Miyazaki Expressway via Kiyotake South IC, get off at Nichinan Togo IC and head for National Route 222).
    2. The Nichinan coastline course via Route 220 takes about 1 hour.
    A straight line to Obi, a highway is recommended for the shortest route, and the Nichinan coastline course is recommended for leisurely sightseeing such as Udo Shrine and Sunmesse Nichinan.

    Parking on-site available Kogakura-Tei : There are 2 signboards on the south side (next to the main entrance) and the west side “NAZUNA”. It can accommodate up to 7 .
  • Keep In Mind


    – Call for inquiries and reservations at 9:00am -9:00pm.
    – Room charge is subject to change.
    – Children 6 and older are charged the same amount as adults.
    – Children 5 and under are free. (Up to 2 people) (No futon bed or food)
    – There is a restaurant “Irodori” located on the premises of our building. Please check the plan with dinner for details.
    – Pets are not allowed in this inn.
    – The price includes a 10% sales tax.
    – The bathing tax (150 yen per person per night) is not included. Pay when you check out.

  • Brands


    Nazuna is devoted to creating novel Ryokans (Japanese style inns) that incorporate the unique qualities of the Ryokan's locale. We treasure every moment with our guests, and strive to ensure a personalized and unforgettable lodging experience.


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