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Kiraku Obi Ohya

8-1-48 Obi, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken, Japan, 889-2535
Tel: +81-987-27-3171
Email: [email protected]

Accommodates up to 6 guests

Ohya is a Bukeyashiki-style mansion, which was originally a “Nagaya-mon” (gate-house) for a larger, higher-class Samurai estate dating back to the Edo period.

Given its origins as a “Nagaya-mon,” this long, one-story Home directly faces the street, hiding a spacious, private back-yard featuring a well. Upon entering the Home, guests are welcomed by a high-ceiling room with a traditional sunken hearth set on an elevated wooden floor, which is surrounded by a “Doma”(traditional earthen floor) fitted with a modern kitchen built on top of a pre-existing “okudo-san”(traditional stove). The spacious living area, as well as the tatami-rooms, all open up towards the back-yard, which was once where the estate’s main building stood.

Ohya is located along a street where koi fish swim alongside passersby, and is moments away from Obi-castle. If traveling by car, guests may park at Ito-tei, the restaurant found across the street from Ohya.

We have a outdoor private sauna for guests only.
Castle town view sauna is located on a hill.
You can experience the best in the outdoor deck where you can see the castle town of Obi lined with samurai residences.
*The sauna is 3,300 yen tax included for 1 person, and you can use it for 2 hours for 1 frame.

  • 詳細



    Check in 3:00PM - 9:00PM
    Check out by 11:00AM
    Please make sure to contact us in advance if you plan on checking in after 9:00PM. As a guest, you may enter the property anytime after 3:00PM.


    1 Bedroom
    1 Tatami room
    1 Bathroom
    1 Kitchen


      Free Wi-Fi
      Washlet Toilet
      "Koyamaki" Bathtub
      Body soap
      Shampoo / Conditioner
      Hair dryer
      Cleaning service
      Safety box
      Toothbrush Set
      Cotton swabs
      Microwave oven
      IH Stove
      Rice cooker
      Pots / pans
      Cooking utensils
      Plates, cups & utensils
      Clothing hanger
  • Dining


    IN OBI

    A local breakfast at Gallery Kodama

    Enjoy a local breakfast at Gallery Kodama, a merchant mansion built over 130 years ago, reborn as a popular local eatery.

    Enjoy a local breakfast at Gallery Kodama, a merchant mansion built over 130 years ago, reborn as a popular local eatery.

    Take a short morning stroll through the sleepy streets of Obi to Gallery Kodama and enjoy a Japanese-style breakfast prepared with various seasonal, local delicacies. (Map of Kiraku Obi) While dining, guests will be able to enjoy the historic ambiance of a merchant mansion, which retains much its appearance from when it was first built at the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1912), featuring a “Kura,” or traditional storage house as well as furniture from ages past.

    As breakfast at Gallery Kodama is specially prepared for guests of Kiraku Obi before Gallery Kodama’s official opening hours, please note the following:

    • ・We request that guests who have booked a breakfast arrive at Gallery Kodama between 8:00AM-9:00AM (9:00 AM last-order/ 10:00AM close)
    • ・Please note that the “Breakfast Plan” may not be offered on certain days. In such cases -please kindly check other offered stay plans as a Kiraku Obi Home without breakfast, may still be available for booking.




    <Phantom Chicken (Jidokko) Full Course>

    You can enjoy yakitori and sashimi of Jitokko, a premium free-range chicken from southern Miyazaki.
    We offer a complete chicken course that includes grilled chicken that is made with a lavish amount of Jitokko chicken and slowly grilled over high grade binchotan charcoal from Miyazaki, and fresh Jitokko chicken sashimi that ends in the morning, which is rare among the 10 or so Jitokko restaurants in Japan.
    Enjoy the taste of Jitokko chicken to your heart’s content.

    ※It served may differ from what is shown in the above images, according to the seasons.


    *There is a two-part schedule during the above hours.

    ・Reservation required 3 days in advance.
    ・The dining place is “Irodori”, which is a 5-minute walk from inn,attached to the grounds of Nazuna Obi onsen resort.
    ・Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

  • Activity


    General Activity

    You can experience the castle town view sauna and dressing experience during your stay.

  • About the Neighborhood




    Once the center of a 51,000 “koku” fiefdom ruled by the Ito clan for close to three centuries, Obi is a quaint castle town with streets lined with samurai villas and merchant houses.

  • Map & Direction


    Kiraku Obi Ohya

    8-1-48 Obi, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken, Japan, 889-2535


    8-1-62 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2535


    The easiest way to get to Obi is by car. If you are coming from Miyazaki airport, it is roughly a 60 min drive, and if you take the JR Nichinan Line from Miyazaki airport to Obi Station, it is roughly a 70min train ride.

    The Check-in reception is located in Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort -Kogakura(Nazuna 飫肥 城下町温泉-小鹿倉邸), which is approx. 15 min walk or 3 min drive from Obi Station. Parking for the Check-in location is available at the Parking Lot in Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort-Kogakura(Nazuna 飫肥 城下町温泉-小鹿倉邸).

    Parking for 2 cars is also available at the Home.

    Map of Kiraku Obi



    Miyazaki Airport, Obi Station
  • Keep In Mind



    The Check-in reception is located in Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort -Kogakura (Nazuna 飫肥 城下町温泉-小鹿倉邸). Please make sure to check-in at the reception in Kogakura, before going to the Home.

    The reception is approx. 15 min walk or 3 min drive from Obi Station. Parking for Check-in location is available at the Parking lot in Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort-Kogakura.

    Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort -Kogakura Address: 8-1-62 Obi, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2535 Map:

    Checking-in outside of Check-in hours

    Check-in can be done anytime between 03:00PM- 09:00PM. If you intend to check-in after 09:00PM, upon filling out your booking information when making your booking, please make sure to indicate your expected arrival time as well as a phone number that we may contact on the day of your check-in in the “Late Check-in Information” field.

    If there is a change in check-in time on the day of your arrival, please make sure to contact us at the following number +81-987-27-3171 (7:00AM-09:00PM). Please note that we may contact the phone number that you provide on the day of check-in.

    Room Cleaning

    If you are staying more than one night, please note that Room Cleaning (Including Towel/Linen/Amenities change) will be done starting from the 3rd night of your stay, and every 2 nights thereafter.

    Room rates for children Children under the age of 6 that do not require a bed and linens will not be charged. (up to two people)

    Non-smoking Please note that this is a non-smoking Home.

    Pets Please note that pets are not allowed in this Home.

  • Brands


    "Kiraku" was established to provide travelers a means of experiencing an assortment of undiscovered destinations by staying at a spectrum of traditional Japanese homes, while offering a solution to preserve and revitalize traditional structures across Japan.

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