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Central Kyoto


About the Neighborhood

From the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle in the north to Kyoto Station in the south, Central Kyoto is where you can enjoy both ancient and modern Kyoto. Explore massive temple complexes such as Nishi-Honganji, a UNESCO world heritage sites, or visit lesser known destinations such as Sumiya, one of the last "Ageya" (a type of traditional "geisha" entertainment house) remaining in Japan. After a day of visiting shrines, temples and more, visit Pontocho, one of Kyoto's most traditional nightlife districts, or Nishiki Market, known as "Kyoto's Kitchen" and a fantastic place to find Kyoto delicacies.


Approximate travel time from major cities

Tokyo: 2.5 hrs (by train)

Osaka: 25 mins (by train)


Most visitors flying internationally arrive at the Kansai International Airport, which is approx 1.5hrs to Kyoto by direct express train. Domestic flights to Kyoto generally land at Itami airport, which is approx. a 1hr flight from Tokyo's airports. Limosine bus service between Itami and Kyoto takes approx 1hr. Taking the Shinkansen (bullet train), you can get to Kyoto Station in approx 2.5hrs from Tokyo, and in approx. 0.25 hrs from Osaka.


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Once the center of a 51,000 “koku” fiefdom ruled by the Ito clan for close to three centuries, Obi is a quaint castle town with streets lined with samurai villas and merchant houses.